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Energy from Wastewater.
Revolution in the heat market

Our patented THERM-LINER system harvests energy from municipal wastewater. This form of power generation is a climate-friendly way to heat buildings and decarbonize heat grids. In Germany alone, wastewater could be used to heat the homes of 4 to 12 million people.

We offer solutions throughout the municipal wastewater infrastructure, from treatment plants and gravity pipelines to pressurized wastewater pipelines. In addition, we generate power from river water and industrial wastewater.

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We boost the energy turnaround!

“We can revolutionize the heating market by generating energy from wastewater. Every single day, massive amounts of residual energy in wastewater  remain untapped and are lost. We want to change that and use that energy to help heat buildings all over the world in an environmentally friendly way.



Stephan von Bothmer, COO, UHRIG Energie GmbH

UHRIG has already realized 123 wastewater heating projects across Europe. The aim is to revolutionize the heating market with wastewater heat transfer and speed up the energy turnaround. Right now, wastewater energy is still a relatively unknown area. UHRIG has made it its mission to change that and is active in this field all over the world.

Our product: THERM-LINER heat exchanger

  • Made from stainless steel
  • For pipelines size DN 400 / 16’’ upwards
  • Installed directly inside the pipeline
  • Made from stainless steel
  • For pipelines size DN 400 / 16’’ upwards
  • Installed directly inside the pipeline
  • Made from stainless steel
  • For all pipelines
  • Replacement/bypass for host pipes
  • Made from stainless steel
  • For pipelines and treatment plants
  • Placement mainly at treatment plants
  • Made from stainless steel
  • For pipelines and treatment plants
  • Flexible external placement
  • Made from stainless steel
  • For rivers and lakes
  • Flexible placement

We recover energy from wastewater

The figures speak for themselves: the residual thermal energy from wastewater could cover up to 15% of the heat demand in the building sector in Germany alone. This makes wastewater heat a force to be reckoned with in the heating turnaround.

The UHRIG Group has been active in the water industry for 60 years and has long specialized in heavy sewer construction. In 2007 we ventured into a new field: wastewater heat transfer. Our goal is to utilize the residual energy in wastewater, which has been left untapped until now.

We have already successfully implemented 123 wastewater heating projects across Europe. In 2019 we established UHRIG Energie GmbH for our energy business. Our vision was to revolutionize the heating market with energy from wastewater and finally set the heating turnaround in motion. We are ready to take action with our patented, tried-and-tested solution.

We offer the planning, construction, installation, and operation of our systems. In 2022 we started the automated series production of our heat exchangers at our headquarters in Baden-Württemberg, fully powered by PV electricity we generate ourselves.

123 plants in operation

We are ahead of our time and have already realized 123 projects across Europe. All these plants are running smoothly – the oldest has been going strong for 16 years. This bears witness to the quality of our technology.

Patented technology

We are pioneers and market leaders in the development of energy recovery from wastewater. We offer solutions for wastewater pipelines, treatment plants, and river water and have numerous patents for our solutions.

One-stop shop

We offer planning, construction, and ready-to-use installation of our systems. And once they are installed, we still monitor them. Upon request, we can operate them for you and also handle the financing for your project.

Wastewater expertise

We have 60+ years of experience in the areas of wastewater and wastewater infrastructure. We are familiar with all the challenges relating to using this infrastructure and know how to overcome them easily.

Energy expertise

For 16 years we have been developing our own expertise in energy recovery and have the necessary planning and construction knowledge to plan and install the interface between heat exchanger and heat pump.

Green production

Our heat exchangers are manufactured in series on an automated production line at our headquarters in Germany. Our production runs entirely on PV energy we generate ourselves. Our aim is to produce climate-neutral too.

Our idea: to make use of energy that has been left untapped until now.

The wastewater that flows under our buildings holds enormous energy potential. It is permanently available in large quantities, and it is warm. Until now, the thermal energy available in wastewater has literally gone to waste. UHRIG has made it its mission to tap into this free, widely available and environmentally friendly source of energy. With our patented Therm-Liner system, we want to speed up the heating turnaround by making wastewater energy usable.

Germany has about 600,000km of wastewater pipes and some 10,000 treatment plants. Like a highway, this wastewater infrastructure distributes the energy from the wastewater across the entire country and directly to the consumers. Once this energy is recovered, heat pumps can harness it to heat or cool buildings and decarbonize heat grids.

In its role as a pioneer, UHRIG is setting new technological standards.

Wastewater heat transfer: how we can help you

1. Potential check
  • You tell us the address of your project
  • We check the potential for you
2. Planning
  • We plan the project
  • We help you obtain the permissions
3. Implementation
  • We build and install the system
  • If you like, we can operate it for you
installed kW for heating
installed kW for cooling
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