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Therm-Liner C

UHRIG heat exchangers are also used in pressurised pipes, as type C. Pressure pipes cannot be walked on, so civil engineering work is required for installation. In most cases, a section of the pressure pipe is replaced by a new pipe section with an integrated heat exchanger.

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Therm-Liner C


Scope of application
  • Gravity pipeline and pressurized wastewater pipeline
  • Can be used as a bypass or pipe replacement
  • For remediated and unremediated pipelines
  • With underground engineering
  • With water retention during installation
  • Can be installed according to the specific on-site requirements
  • Individual modules can be replaced
  • Modular extension possible
  • Large transmission area per meter
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Installed in a protective cladding tube
  • For remediated and unremediated pipelines

Wastewater heat: components

UHRIG Energy specializes in the ready-to-use construction of heat exchanger systems that connect to the top edge of the pipeline. In order to utilize the thermal energy harvested, it is also necessary to have an interface to the heat pump and the heat pump itself – i.e., three components all together.

  • Heat exchanger: delivers the thermal energy from the pipeline
  • Interface: flow and return pipes, connection to heat pump
  • Heat pump: for regulating the temperature inside the building

For some projects, UHRIG also offers to plan and build the interface. Just talk to us if you’re interested in an all-in-one solution.

Our services

Overcoming interfaces and making things easy for our customers – that is our goal. And the reason why we offer ready-to-use systems for harvesting energy from wastewater. We:

  • plan
  • build
  • install
  • operate and finance

In concrete terms, this means that we not only harvest the heat from the wastewater, but also transport it to the heating center. There, at the heat pump, our customers take over and refine the thermal energy obtained from the wastewater. The heat pump uses electricity to bring the heat to the exact temperature required in the building.


Every project is a custom solution

The wastewater pipelines in Germany have always been a variety of sizes and dimensions. For instance, they could have a circular, oval, or box profile. On top of that, they could be made from a variety of materials. This is why, in a sense, every wastewater heating project is a custom solution.

After manufacturing our first hundred systems in a factory, we then switched to automated, serial production. Despite this standardization, we can still adapt to the specific situation in each individual pipeline, which is one of our key strengths.

It is this very expertise that makes us able to serve the vastly different framework conditions and requirements in countries other than Germany.

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