UHRIG Energy


Our aim is to speed up the heating turnaround with energy from wastewater and to help put climate protection  into action. We don’t just want to show what is possible, we want to make it possible. And we can only do this by working in unison, as a team.

None of our achievements would have been possible without the dedication and enthusiasm of our employees day in and day out. We are proud of our team’s collective expertise and experience and their hard work towards achieving our ambitious goals.

Christoph von Bothmer


Stephan von Bothmer


Rouven Zeus

Head of Technology

Philip Jung


Julian Abel


Tobias Hartmann


Justin Maier


Csilla Vonza

Project Management

Christian Bechler

Head of Production & Installation

Mairet Siemssen

Business Development

Jürgen Quaas

Business Development – South

Hans Schmidt

Business Development – North

Christian von Drachenfels

Business Development – International

Anne Boulay

Business Development – France

Frank Urro

Business Development – U.S./Canada

Norbert Gergely


Zoltan Paniti


Krisztián Sanyó


UHRIG Energie worldwide

Energy recovery from wastewater is a technology from Germany with enormous export potential. We have already built and installed more than 120 heat exchanger systems in eight European countries. And two years ago, we established our U.S. subsidiary and have been active in the U.S. and Canada ever since.

In Germany alone, up to 15% of the heating requirements in the building sector can be covered by wastewater heat. That means heating for 4 to 12 million people. Wherever there are people, there is both wastewater and high heating needs – a perfect balance between supply and demand. 

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