01.09.2023: Berlin, “Haus der Statistik”: Heat from wastewater implemented

We are currently finalising a special installation in Berlin. We have installed a large Therm-Liner system for Berliner Stadtwerke, which will form the basis for the heat supply of a large neighbourhood in future. “Haus der Statistik” is the name of the time-honoured quarter on Alexanderplatz, which has been renovated and supplemented with a new building. System data: Heating 750 kWth. Cooling 684 kWth.

During the installation phase, we welcomed numerous politicians from the Bundestag and various federal ministries to the construction site. For us, this is a good opportunity to raise awareness of wastewater heat in the political arena. Wastewater heat is still relatively unknown. We want to change that. We took the opportunity – away from position papers and studies – to present our technology up close and personal.

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