By how much does wastewater cool down as a result of energy extraction?

Heat is extracted from the wastewater in the course of energy recovery. Generally speaking, the wastewater cools down by 0.5 to 1K. If a larger amount of wastewater than the dry weather flow runs over the system, the cooling effect is lower. Although the wastewater cools down, the temperature is restored very quickly, thanks to the inflow of new wastewater and the absorption of ambient heat through the pipeline. The key factor, therefore, for treatment plants, which generally require wastewater to have a certain minimum temperature, is how much heat the last heat exchanger upstream of the treatment plant extracts from the wastewater and how far away it is from the treatment plant. The energy extraction in the network upstream of that one has no bearing on the treatment plants. The fact that the wastewater cools down therefore does not pose an obstacle to wastewater energy recovery.

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