How do you ensure that the system always achieves the specified output?

Our heat exchanger systems are always aligned with the lowest possible dry weather flow, which is the lowest level of wastewater that can flow through the pipeline. This ensures that the systems always perform reliably. And during the project development stage, we also measure the volume and temperature of the wastewater in question, which allows us to optimize and safeguard the system.
Because the volume of wastewater can be precisely calculated and forecast for decades to come, the use of wastewater to generate energy is extremely reliable. A particular benefit is the fact that the temperature level of wastewater recovers quickly, even after large amounts of energy have been harvested. On the one hand, this is thanks to new inflows into the wastewater system and, on the other hand, the constant absorption of heat from the ground. This means that a large number of wastewater energy recovery systems can be installed in a single wastewater grid. It is just important to maintain a certain distance between the systems. A so-called “recovery section” that is around two to three times the length of the system itself should be located downstream of each wastewater heat recovery system.

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