What pipelines are suitable for the recovery of wastewater energy?

UHRIG Therm-Liners can be installed in both old and new pipelines. The prerequisite is a nominal diameter of DN 400 / 16’’ upwards. Smaller sizes do not carry enough wastewater, and the installation of the system is more expensive. In addition to gravity pipelines, there are also pressurized non-man-entry pipelines. Wastewater heat recovery is possible in pressurized pipes, but as a rule the heat exchanger must be affixed all the way around the pipe, or a section of the pipe must be replaced by a pipe section with an integrated heat exchanger. Pressurized pipes are usually only adapted for wastewater energy recovery if the installation of the heat exchanger coincides with the renovation or new construction of a pressurized pipe. Ultimately, however, a case-by-case assessment is necessary and advisable for every project.

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