How are the heat exchangers or systems installed in the wastewater pipeline?

The heat exchangers are installed in accordance with the corresponding requirements of the DWA (German Association for Water Management, Wastewater, and Waste). These requirements are defined in DWA technical bulletin no. 114. The heat exchanger modules are not set in concrete, but are rather fixed in place with brackets. These brackets are attached to the pipe wall with an HKD expansion anchor. The maximum bore depth is 40mm, and bore diameter 12mm. The anchor is screwed in flush, using countersunk screws (DIN 7991 M10x25). All fixing elements are made from grade 1.4404 stainless steel to prevent interactions. Deflector plates protect the components and connecting parts from sludge and damage. These deflector plates and the cladding of the feed and return pipes are also made from 1.4404 steel. The transition areas from the bottom of the pipe to the first element and from the last element are each protected by run-up and discharge ramps preventing any coarse matter from getting caught. These ramps are also made from 1.4404 steel.

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