Is wastewater a reliable energy source?

Yes. Wastewater has an average temperature of 10 to 12°C / 50 to 54°F in winter and between 17 and 20°C / 63 and 68°F in summer. This temperature represents heat, or rather thermal energy, that can be used to heat buildings in winter and cool them in summer. Wastewater energy is a renewable energy source that is largely overlooked but has the potential to make a significant contribution to climate protection in the heating market. Because the volume of wastewater can be precisely calculated and forecast for decades to come, the use of wastewater to generate energy is extremely reliable. A particular benefit is the fact that the temperature level of wastewater recovers quickly, even after large amounts of energy have been harvested. On the one hand, this is thanks to new inflows into the wastewater system and, on the other, to the constant absorption of heat from the ground. This means that a large number of wastewater energy extraction systems can be installed in a single wastewater network. It is just important to maintain a certain distance between the systems.

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