How much does wastewater energy cost?

Depending on the specific local situation, the investment costs for generating wastewater energy using the UHRIG Therm-Liner are around €500 to €1000 per kW heat exchanger output. These costs include the planning, building, installation, and commissioning of the heat exchanger system.
In good locations, heat production costs for wastewater energy generation are approx. 7 to 8 ct per kWh heating output, depending on the electricity costs incurred by the heat pump used. This is a full-cost calculation that includes
► capital costs for heat exchanger including the connection pipes
► capital costs for the heat pump
► pump and heat pump electricity
► service and maintenance
This amount is often incorrectly compared with pure procurement costs, such as gas rates. Capital costs for heating and infrastructure must also be factored in for fossil fuel heating systems. Projects are often realized on a contracting basis, and end customers are offered a fixed price in ct/kWh for heating or cooling. This promotes transparency and price stability. Customers are in no way involved with the operation or procurement of the system. They simply receive heating and/or cooling at a fixed price without having to give it another thought.

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